Project 03

Day of internet

In the near speculative future, all of the content on the Internet and all the websites have been privatized. People have to pay, that is to have premium membership, to access any information on the Internet. Personal information about users using the network is available to service providers.

In the world where servers can support big traffic, the Internet Day was born. All memberships are free for exactly 24 hours and for one day of the year people have access to everything and at the same time have been given complete online anonymity. On that day users, who otherwise have limited access to information due to financial status, have power over large corporations that control everything rest of the time. Information is very valuable and this (holi)day symbolizes the illusion of freedom for ordinary people


People search for the information they are interested in via the official Search Engine, which gives them the ability to browse through the list of the premium websites that are categorized for faster and easier access. The city's hotspot boxes are also placed across the public space by means of which they can also access the Internet.


The Day of the Internet is presented through the diary of a student and a video that symbolically displays the contrast between life on that day and on the other days of the year. Nowadays, there is already a lot of information, but what would happen if we were to make up for everything we missed during the year in 24 hours? How can we know that the information provided is true and not just a way to manipulate people? Is it dangerous to give people total anonymity? How does this kind of world affect students? And how long will it take for this scenario to become reality?


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