Project 02


This year Interactions 2016 Workshop subject was Dewesternization (process of emancipating of Western and European culture). Research on the subject led us to question how somebody allows itself to take a power over somebody else. Answer to research was conceptualizing the idea of privilege to a Roleplay game. Why game? Format of a roleplaying game allows us to have first hand experience. The aim of the game was topoint out the important question: Do we stereotype everyone and what are the consequences to the world around us?

Game cards
Each player randomly gets one characteristic card from eight categories. Every characteristic is valued from 1 to 3 points, according to privilege it has in the world. For example, Sexuality category has 3 characteristic cards: Straight (3 points) Gay (2 points) Bisexual (1 point)


Starting with question
At the beggining of game each player counts the number of points found on randomly given cards. Player is positioned by the sum of those numbers in a certain power relation. One with the highest number of points takes a question card and poses it to the next player.


Examples of questions:
— Are physical characteristics important and do they determine who has the privilege?
— Are older people discriminated today?
— Do you think that religion should be connected with politics?
— What is your atitude toward racial discrimination?
— Do you think that every human being has the right
to marriage?


Playing the game
The answer to the question is ranked by others players using numbers +1, 0 or -1 in regards to their agreeing, neutrality or disagreeing with the answer and according the characteristics they have. These points are then added or taken away from the total amount of points that player that answered a question holds at the moment. The process is repeated until every player has answered a question and his points have been altered. When the last player has gone through this process the answer that was awarded the least amount of points becomes the subject of discussion. After the discussion has ended, the player that holds the highest number of points takes a new question, and the previous process is repeated again. Through the game the player gain or lose points which leads to some players reaching zero points and leaving the game. The player that remains last in the game, is affected by the social opinion of other characters rather than the privilege he got at the start.

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