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Workshop Series on Interaction Design

Department of Visual Communication Design is organizing a series of workshops as an introduction to interaction design in Croatia. The workshops will further promote the interdisciplinary educational approach started with the successful Convivio Summer School in Split, 2004. (

The second workshop was held in March 2007. The aim of this workshop was to introduce the students to user-oriented design processes and methodologies in practice. (

This third workshop was held from 25th to 29th of March 2008. The topic of the workshop was "public space", and was focus on how interaction design could help to raise awareness of the importance of public space in Split both in students and in the citizens of the town.

Participants of the workshop were students of design (visual communication and product), architecture, computer science, and sociology from the Universities of Split, Zadar and Zagreb.

The coordinator and workshop leader was Ivica Mitrovic from the Visual Communications Department. The four groups/ateliers were led by Marilyn Lennon from Interaction Design Centre and Limerick School of Art and Design, University of Limerick ( and Gwyan Rhabyt from California State University East Bay (

During the workshop Miranda Veljacic and Dinko Peracic (Platforma 9.81) had a lecture about public space in the local context. Also, Srecko Horvat, author of the book "Signs of the Postmodern Town" had lecture about his book.

Workshop works was presented to the public at the Arts Academy on the 29th of March, documented at the Department web site, and later this year will be exhibited in a city gallery.

Workshop leaders:

  • Marilyn Lennon
    Interaction Design Centre and Limerick School of Art and Design
  • Gwyan Rhabyt
    California State University East Bay
  • Ivica Mitrovic
    Arts Academy, Split


  • Miranda Veljacic
    Platforma 9.81
  • Dinko Peracic
    Platforma 9.81
  • Srecko Horvat