Interaction Design Workshop 2010 Interaction Design Workshop 2010

Behind the Corner

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About the project

What one does not notice cannot be seen, thus the unnoticeable is what becomes invisible. A town is made up from buildings, houses, objects that hide the private from the public, making people transparent. Streets lead to squares, and every so often one notices people on corners, seeking shelter, meeting somebody, waiting, having a break, hiding away from the open space of the agora. A lost glance can be enough to cause an unwanted encounter and lose sight of what wants to be seen. Behind the corner is always unknown.


Katarina Perić
product design / University of Zagreb

Marko Borota
visual communications design / University of Split

Adi Franković
applied arts / University of Rijeka

Ivan Vranjić
applied arts / University of Rijeka


Umas DVK