interaction design workshop 2011

Project 4: Čekingrad

Split’s citizens spend most of their free time in cafes. A place they nearly call "home". Due to frequent circulation, it is a good place to gather information. By turning it into a government's "checkpoint"= Čekingrad, we are recording all information and its source.

Čekingrad is a town in which information is everything. Information is our source of power, our energy, food, value, and our currency. Part of this information can be produced by us, while we must get the rest from visitors. Visitors become "samples". To enter our town, they must go through examination and observation. They are given a numbered check-in card along with their drinks by our military waiters. These cards the visitors must fill out with their names and their dates of arrival and departure. We take tongue swabs to obtain their DNA. Every person is labeled with a number and photographed.

They are encouraged to converse with our communication expert, using timelines and symbols. Each table has a topic, which concern current problems in town. Visitors' leftovers are then carefully collected and archived by our scientists.

Everything belonging to "subjects" is important to us...


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