interaction design workshop 2011

Project 6: GOSSSPLIT

Based on the widespread of gossips in Split we have designed a fictive city where gossips are free to exist openly. This city is called Gosssplit and here a gossip is the highest principle. One becomes a citizen of Gosssplit, Gosssplitizen, only when he or she is "gossiped" about in the real world. Gosssplitizens are a collection of all gossips about them. They are only projections and cannot create gossips themselves. Upon the amount of gossip their value and social status is judged; the more gossips, the higher social status. Gosssplitizens have only two obligations. First is to walk around Gosssplit all the time and to drag their gossips, materialized in a tail, behind them. The second one is to engage into "tale tail" when meeting another Gosssplitizen. "Tale Tail" means holding the tail of a person you have just met and verbalizing your gossips. Both Gosssplitizens start to talk simultaneously. In case of a different tail length, the one with the shorter one is expected to respectfully listen to the wealthier Gosssplitizen's tail tale till the end. Once a week all the Gosssplitizens gather at the main square, Riva. They line up, measure the length of their tails and proclaim the one with the longest tail as the new King for the following week. The last act of the old king is to cut off all Gosssplitizens' tails so they all get a fresh start. Every Gosssplitizen is left only with one gossip to ensure his existence in Gosssplit. Whoever does not succeed to grow the tail back is considered to be the lowest class...


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