Speculative design workshop – “Alternative present”
Arts Academy, University of Split | 23 – 28 March

Project 1: Delivery

Transparent labour is a research project that addresses the issue of online and offline credibility. It seeks whether trust is only an online human characteristic achieved through stars and reviews, or if it’s something that can be achieved in our everyday offline interactions. For our research purposes we developed a business model that suggests a hand-to-hand delivery service in Split called Splitska Posta. Our idea “translates” a digital model of distributed work into a small scale, physical system. Through this process, the working model is decoded and all the ethical issues come to the surface.

The project attempts to deal with the complexity of ethics, social norms and human psychology in social interactions. First, we developed a map of worst case scenarios in our trust system, any bugs that would allow people to hack it for their own sake or the sake of their community. Our project attempts to find a way around the trust issues by designing the optimum “trust box” and interaction for the circumstances, exploiting human labour and aiming to achieve maximum profit.

In the video, we see the second phase of the research that brings the working model to life as an experiment in the public sphere. The documentation allows an observation of trust behaviour in an exc hange and payment chain.


Andrea Stanicic
Sociology / University of Split
Blazka Jurjavcic
Visual Communications Design / Ljubljana
Filip Latin
Visual communications design / University of Split
Nikola Mikulic
Visual communications design / University of Split
Petra Viskovic
Architecture / University of Zagreb
Samantha Pavic
Architecture / University of Split


Dionysia Mylonaki
Royal College of Art, London
Oleg Suran
New media design / University of Split

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