Speculative design workshop – “Alternative present”
Arts Academy, University of Split | 23 – 28 March

Project 3: Extra time

People in Split tried to create a new life for its citizens inspired by Japan’s technological improvements. Advances in machine technology for performing everyday jobs gave people infinite leisure time and changed our world. What to do with extra free time?

Citizens of Split created new ways of entertainment, socialization and travel. Life without obligations slowed down the city, decreased number of cars and turned the city into pedestrian zone. Time became irrelevant, hour hands showed only day and night. Conversations became simpler and coffee breaks were even longer.

The question is will technology only make our lives easier or it will also restrict our creativity? Have we already become slaves of technology that actually paralyzed our minds?

Video shows everyday life activities and how unlimited leisure time affects our lives.


Anja Plovanic
Digital Art / Beograd
Karla Calusic
Architecture / University of Split
Lara Catipovic
Informatics / University of Split


Liam Healy
University Goldsmiths, London
Pika Novak
Institute for Transmedia Design, Ljubljana

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