Speculative design workshop – “Alternative present”
Arts Academy, University of Split | 23 – 28 March

Project 4: It's a plastic world

The production of plastic has doubled in the last 15 years from 150 M tones to 300 M tones of yearly production. In recent years a lot of research has been done around BPA - a chemical found in plastic, on how it affects our hormones, making men’s genitals smaller, woman infertile and how it is generally bad for you.

The government ordered a new study that has shown that BPA is actually good for our health, and they denied the other research marking it wrong. Shrinking Genetical Disorder has become a global Pandemic, affecting males all over the world, waiting list for plastic surgery, divorced couples. How long can people struggle with the new normal, called the Plastic era.


Aleksandra Tomc
Visual Communications Design / Ljubljana
Ivan Kunjasic
Visual communications design / University of Split


Liam Healy
University Goldsmiths, London
Pika Novak
Institute for Transmedia Design, Ljubljana

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