Speculative design workshop – “Alternative present”
Arts Academy, University of Split | 23 – 28 March

Project 5: It's a manless world

Studies from 2020's showed that women are more likely to survive extreme disasters. This was due to their body structure and xx chromosomes, which made them resilient to emissions and radiation. Because of the massive increase of radiation in the 2100's more and more men were unable to live long lives.

Now the role of women in society has been dominant for so long that we cannot imagine men as leaders. Women have taken over all the male dominant careers, while the men are more prone to be family oriented. This is also because the numbers of men has decreased enormously. With that the last man on Earth has become somewhat as a icon. The arhitecture of the city has change in dramatic way. Mostly design for making a healthier city.We present to you a Split tourist guide, which intoduce you to Split where inhabitants are 100% women, their town, politic, religious.


Iva Ivanovic
Graphics Design / Cetinje
Jelena Njegus
Visual communications design / University of Split
Sara Marinkovic
Visual communications design / University of Split


Liam Healy
University Goldsmiths, London
Pika Novak
Institute for Transmedia Design, Ljubljana

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