Speculative design workshop – “Alternative present”
Arts Academy, University of Split | 23 – 28 March

Project 6: Water is the new gold

Environmental awareness in people, social norms, values and customs have been always a subject of mockery. Since the water in Croatia has been one of the purest water and due to increasing pollution of the water that happens in the world, our apocalyptic scenario started with the privatization of water in (Split) Croatia. We applied this to the local community by not giving people water with a coffee.

After that we imagined how it would affect to our future. Our design is a luxury bottle for water, intended to show other people for acquisition of social status and reputation, in the same way as we do it right now with a branded mobile devices, clothes and expensive cars.

Conclusion of this study could be that we are occupied with a material things and we are not appreciating things that are really required for a survivor - like water.


Danijela Jonjic
Sociology / University of Split
Toni Jerkovic
Sociology / University of Split
Sime Bilic
Visual communications design / University of Split


Liam Healy
University Goldsmiths, London
Pika Novak
Institute for Transmedia Design, Ljubljana

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